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The New York Recovery Home changed my life.  I have been to many other facilities and paid much more.  It wasn’t until I came here that I finally was able to first control my addiction and then permanently remove it from my life.

man-iconMike L.
My life has the challenges it has.  I cannot remove those.  However, I can manage them.  I went to a fancy place, where my parent’s paid over 45k a month.  It was great, if I was going to spend the rest of my life on the beach, being catered to.  That wasn’t going to happen, so I went into relapse and then found the NYRH.  When I came to the NYRH, I realized how to live with the realities of MY life, not some pretend fairy tale.  I am forever grateful!

This was truly a place where there is a “New You Realized Here.”  I cannot thank NYRH enough!


What Makes Us Different

A holistic approach unlike any other drug rehab centers in New York…

  • One-On-One Counseling Available Every Day.
  • A REAL Sober Recovery Plan Created To Suit Each Client’s INDIVIDUAL Needs!
  • REAL Planning For Transition Back To Post Treatment Living.
  • Private Pay Facility… More Accommodating And More Exclusive.
  • Privacy… Stay Out Of Government & Insurance Databases.
  • Intentionally Limited Size “Bed & Breakfast” Style Facility Puts The Focus On The Individual’s Needs.
  • Smoking & Personal Electronic Devices Permitted.
  • Post Treatment Job Placement / Transitional Help.
The first step is just a phone call away. We will help you assess whether our facility is right for you. Once an initial consultation takes place and it is determined we can meet your needs, we immediately start planning your individualized care. Our coaching programs can vary in length of time depending on the severity of the addiction. On average, our alcohol and drug coaching programs range from four to twelve weeks and also offer extended aftercare and sober-living options to all of our clients. Recovery does not happen overnight, but our drug rehabilitation process ensures that every second of recovery counts by giving your loved one tools to use while in our center, which are sustainable after he or she leaves.
All individuals coming to our facility must be sober within 72 hours of reporting to our facility. We work with all detoxification centers, including the Kingston Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, and St. Mary’s Hospital.
Each guest is required to have a primary care physician and work closely with him/her. Each guest will receive a comprehensive assessment shortly after arriving. A comprehensive assessment will include obtaining information necessary to come up with a coaching plan that works for you. Each comprehensive evaluation will be based, in part, on at least one face to face interview with the guests, and may also include collateral interviews with significant others via face to face contact or phone, if possible and appropriate.

Specialized Treatment

Professionals Treatment

Whether you are an attorney, a doctor, or some other professional, we understand the need for discretion, confidentiality, and professionalism. You earned your profession; let us help earn your respect as a trusted rehab provider.

Young Adults

Does a generational difference make a difference? Yes, it certainly does. We are innovative, understanding, and can appreciate the conditions much of our youth are facing. We can connect and we have consistently delivered success with young adults, aged 18 to 30.

Cops, Veterans, and First Responders

We are a Veteran owned company. Our principal founder has worked for the New York Police Department and is currently in federal law enforcement. The realities of “the job” are not lost on us. We understand and can help.
  • Skiing at Hunter Mountain – 20 Miles Away
  • Visit Historic Saugerties – 4 Miles Away
  • Total Tennis – 2 Miles Away
  • Picnic by the Water – Bristol Beach is only 4.1 Miles Away


Individualized Attention

Our emphasis is on personalized care to assist our clients to achieve lasting recovery. Our model fills a wide gap currently missing in the field of substance abuse services available to troubled addicts and […]

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Real-World Implications

Our daily schedule is very active. Each activity is an exercise designed to help the client practice sober-living skills. Activities, both on and off campus, help our clients learn to recognize and beat their triggers […]

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Why choose a private pay facility?

Results! That’s what the New York Recovery Home is all about.

A private pay facility survives by being successful to individuals, not insurance companies or government bureaucrats/agencies.

Privacy: Unlike Insurance Covered Programs, Private Pay Facilities do not […]

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